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I have 2008 T5 Transporter with the same problem as all of them have.

The rotor-toggle for the fan duct selector is broken. As the rest of them this one had a kinked wire, and i tried to fix it. But i think the wire was kinked from the other parts deeper inside beeing jammed / stuck.

Trying to manually turn the wheels behind/under the dashboard i probably broke something, as i heard things snap and small of some small piece tumbling down behind the dash. Thats a bummer, and i now want to torch that car.

However, i tried (with no success) to find a youtube video or images describing how to unmount the whole dashboard and change the whole unit and wire. I cannot find anything, and that is rather strange since i have 3 T5s and they all have the exact same problem. This is probably an issue in more then 50% of all T5 cars.

My question to the forum is this:

- Does anyone have video describing how to remove the whole dash (not just facia around radio)?
- Does anyone know how to repair, or how this duct - switch think works?
- Does anyone have images showing the parts, so that i can get an idea of how it works. I cant see anything as it sits behind and under the dash.

Thank you kindly for any support / help you guys can give. I am lost here.

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