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A pair of FASP seat swivels for a pre 96 T4.

I will not describe these as new as I did not buy them from a dealer but they are in first class A1 condition and I believe them to be unused - they certainly haven't been used by me as I bought them for my van which is a '99 T4 and they do not fit. It has taken me a little while to positively identify them but I now know that they are as above.

The hole centres are 395mm x 374mm.

The cheapest I've seen these listed anywhere is by Jennings up in Crewe who retail them at £126 each.

I'm asking for £150 for the pair plus £15 for the postage. Of course if you wish to pick them up that's fine, I'm in Suffolk.

Happy to answer any questions.

If you'd like to see a photo I have them listed on e bay; the item number is 320848095038.
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