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I am soon to embark on my first conversion project and was hoping some of you folk might give me some feedback on my ideas for the insulation.

Here's the plan:-

Stage 1 - Some sort of sound deadening on all the panels, including roof & floor and a couple of extra layers on the wheel arches. Thinking of some sort of Dynamat rip off from ebay. Or might consider the flashing tape if it is suitable to go on the inside of a black van (I've heard that the adhesive could melt if it gets hot in the sun?)

Stage 2 - Then a layer of 25mm Thinsulate closed cell foam insulation glued on top (I have managed to source some of this from a narrowboat builder although I haven't collected it yet so don't know if it's suitable but they put it all through steel boats that are used year round so I'm hoping it will be okay with the moisture issue etc)

Stage 3 - A layer of the foil bubble wrap sheet glued to the back of the plylining that hopefully will leave a small air gap between it and the Thinsulate.

Stage 4 - Plyline and carpet with auto carpet.

Now for the questions:

1. Are there any people with experiance in this who can give me any pointers on the above?

2. I have no idea how to tackle the floor. The finish I'm hoping for is something like the VW rubber load liner with a removable fitted carpet to go on top (in sections so that cab floor and middle and rear are seperate) How can I insulate and sound deaden under the floor? Do I baton it and insulate between before fitting a false floor? Or not bother at all? Or just sound deaden and then lay the load liner on top of that??

3. I was planning to insert the Thinsulate between the ribs on the van but should I put the bubble wrap stuff over the whole of the panel and then screw through it to secure or should I cut it to shape to miss the ribs (I'm worried it might squeek one way or another).

Sorry for the length - just keen to get it right first time. Thanks
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