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Hello . just thought I'd say hi, I've finally got my self a VW having spent the last 4 years driving around in a vivaro, shes a 2.5tdi on a 51 plate. ex AA so in bright yellow which I'm now loving. Its had a few little things done to it , wheels, bull bar, roof rails, clear rear lights, captains seats, fully carpeted. I'm planning on adding a few more bits like side bars, leisure battery, TV/DVD, better interior lights, better head lights (they are dull) Maybe remapping just to help when towing the caravan (we need this because my son races minimotos/ mini GP bikes) I'm also thinking of getting the underneath wax oiled. Loving the forum and spending the next few months looking through the old posts, loads of useful info.

We live in East yorks so hoping to try and get to some of the Hull/yorkshire meets and see what other people have done the there vans.

See ya's soon, Gareth (wiil try and get some photos on when I work out how)

Ps shes called Saffy.
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