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I've been getting some advice from a t4 owner who runs a Motorsport garage anyhow he has a friend who has a T4 'project' on the go but hasn't got the time at the moment so it's sitting at his premises. Soooo I asked if it was possible to buy it get it going(has a good replacement engine fitted 1.9td) but I'm cool with that for new as we have talked about upgrading to a tdi at some point.
So hopefully once it's up and running with 12 months mot it will be coming my way as a work in progress to be getting fettle with some paint or maybe a wrap??

1st job I'm thinking the first things to tackle for me would be the paint as its a faded previously sticker'd red. I will give it a machine polish but it isn't a shiney Rosso red type paint so it isn't going to be 'vibrant'. I don't want to chuck grands on a paint job changing colours on a van that only going to cost £2.5k any way???

2nd job It has vw alloys on but looks like its on stilts with standard springs so I'm thinking of a lowering spring (40/50mm) maybe??
3rd job is spoilers.? (Has tailgate ) I'm thinking colour coded front a rear but if I get the vehicle wrapped this would have to go with the first job ?
Does anyone have any experience of wrapping a t4 and would like to share the pro's and con's??

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