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This is my first post on here so hey guys T:T:

I have just got my first t4 (1996 1.9td 800 spesh) but not my first vdub ('73 1302s :cool:).

I have stripped it back to a bare panel van, it has ply board but pretty sure it was standard ply from factory and doesn't connect sides to the ceiling but thats for another post.

Well I was looking on where to start and I thought where better than electrics. The van is going to be used as a daily driver and for weekend camping trips so I won't be needing nothing too crazy, I'm planning on having a flip up DVD head unit, a 240v 22inch tv/DVD player, a 240v socket and L.E.D's in the roof.

I have read many threads on the different hookups in vans but I'm still not sure what I should be looking for, i would like a leisure battery but also a camp site hook up, can anyone help me out please?
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