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I fitted a Flettner (2000) roof vent to my T4 a few weeks ago with the aim of reducing the condensation build up in the van overnight. It has done a cracking job.

Anyhow, I had a few questions that I couldn't turn up a definitive answer to on the forum before I started, so thought the following might be useful for anyone else deciding whether to bother with the job:

- It has significantly reduced (almost eliminated) the condensation build up in the van. My windows used to steam up when I slept in it alone. Now even with the additions of my wife and dog, the condensation is absolutely minimal.
- It is totally silent, I do not notice it at all when parked up. When driving I can't hear it because I have a full bulkhead - but I can't imagine you'd hear it over road-noise..
- I haven't needed to add any vents anywhere else to act as an intake.

- Fitting it was easy using the supplied template - just masking taped down to the van roof. Spend time getting that in the correct place and the rest is straightforward.
- I used a jigsaw with a brand-new good quality metal-cut blade fitted to cut the hole. Just took my time and it was fine.
- I haven't used any additional sealant such as Sikaflex. I just installed the supplied gasket. Time will tell if this was the right move, but it felt unnecessary at the time
- Clearly what is necessary is to de-burr, clean-up and paint the bare metal where you've cut/drilled holes

I chose the 2000 version rather than the newer TCX because it is an inch smaller in diameter and half an inch lower. Photos of the cut and the end result are below.


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