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I bought this new last week on an impulse thinking i could fit 2 in the boot of the velle, which i could, but 4000w was a little OTT, so one is up for grabs, also included is a wiring kit 5m long enough to wire it all over the T4.

It's brand new although a B grade stock, the only mark it the pile of the carpet on the top of the enclosure is slightly ruffled up. but you can't actually notice this, See the picture of it in the back on my van.

£60 + £8 courier or collect from Southend Essex


Re-designed for 2008 the FLI Trap Twin Active is an evolution of the traditional FLI Trap enclosure design. Now with both subwoofers mounted side by side on the front face of the enclosure with built in amplifier on the back, the FLI Trap Twin Active has much more imposing appearance. The design ethics of the enclosure are still true to the FLI philosophy – a twin wedge box with a large curved top section to reduce unwanted resonance. The twin passive design generates extreme bass which is not only reference tight but with significant bottom end slam, a winning combination.

Fli FT12 TWIN ACTIVE-F2 Specifications :
  • Height mm 390mm
  • Width mm 780mm
  • Depth mm 540mm
  • Driver/Subwoofer FLI Frequency 12x2
  • Peak Input Power 2000w
  • Rated Input Power 600w
  • Speaker Size 12
  • Enclosure Type Sealed
  • Active Amp FLI Loaded 500
  • High Input Yes
  • Low Input Yes
  • Remote Gain Control Yes via optional extra part
  • Line Out No
  • Built In Low Pass Filter Yes
  • Gain control, frequency control and DB control


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do you reckon they'll fit under a cannons forge RnR bed buddy

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I can defiantly say it will never fit under a cannons forge bed....nether width or height ways my singe12" had to be wedged in under the bed by bending the frame work, and it was over half the size of the available space.....Meatball get yourself a 10" twin version, fits nicely and has plenty of punch!
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