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VW T4 1.9TD P'reg 97

Hi I have been having earthing issues, regarding my speedo recently and many have suggested an earthing issue.

Upon exploring my engine bay I came across a loose exposed wire (C) just hanging around not doing much (A)

There is a connector (B) with two wires coming in and out located below the very near the first glow plug on the gearbox side.

One of these wires goes to a nut terminal on top of the fuel pump and the other doesn't go anywhere (D) its a beige and red stripped wire and not very thick.

The other wires chase back into the 'Conduit of many wires' and disappears into the bulk head.

I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me as I fear it might be an earth that is not connected.

I have researched on here and found a few people mention it could be one of the wires that used to go into an immobiliser unit that would have been located right on top of the nut terminal on the fuel pump. I don't have and immobiliser and that spare wire just needs terminating.

If anyone has heard or seen of this or next time someone's looking around their engine bay could you have a look and see what's what.


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