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I have a double front seat that folds flat for sale.

The seat has been awsome for carrying and camping up to 5 people living from the van. The seat folds flat so you can use it as a table in the front or allows you to carry bigger and longer items in the back (long surfboards or windurf boards). I would like a new set up now and don't need the extra seat.

It is in inca trim, has no rips on the front but is a bit dirty (been used since 1998) despite my hoovering.

Van used to have a half bulkhead so the seat has worn through the vynal on the back where it use to rest against the bulkhead.

One of the seat belt sockets has the plastic mouldings tapped togther. This never seemed to effect the function of the belt, it is just a cover. I have used the seat belt and found it safe for 4 years.

Very easy to fit the seat as it mount on the single seat base bolts or will replace a double front seat that doesnt fold down.

£30 picked up. I am in Salisbury.
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