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just finsihing the last parts.. it's on my team white blog

I just got the wires to go but already belled them out and carried out a few tests with joining them up temp.

Side strut shock lifters where dead easy and VERY secure the metal on it's own it very thin ( body of the van )

So it can be done. T:

People said about the rear lights from barn doors to tail gate.. no issues a VERY slight curve on the one corner nothing to worry about I am changing these soon anyway to the newer ones. so that corner is not an issue for me long term. But if I was still sticking with the barn door lights you would forget about the gap in a week..save your money.

for any one else that has done this it's suprising how much the top flexies where the hinges are !! I will ask the next factory fitted on I see if I can see if there's does the same. I made some nice thick backing plates which has helped but still does move abit nothing to worry about though.
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