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Due to change of layout, I now have the rear double seat from a Kombi for sale. I'm including the 4 floor brackets with bolts and
plastic covers. No rips but the fabric could do with a clean. We did remove and replace teh hardboard backing to the rear of the seat with a piece of 9mm Birch plywood. This now allows you to seat of the folded seat without worry of falling in, plus easier attachment of cargo nets if required. I:

Also could sell the black Altro flooring too, as the holes will now show once seat removed. Floor clean, just showing a bit of dust from todays installation. Flooring laid with spray adhesvie but I'm pretty sure it'll lift in one easily. The ply floor is going to be replaced, so you can have this if it comes out in one piece. :*

I'm going to need collection as it's pretty heavy to post, Swindon, Wiltshire

Looking for around £300 with the floor brackets and around £35 for the Altro flooring if you take both.

PM me if interested.

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