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Posting T4 or T5 Parts for Sale Advertisements in the VWT Forums For Sale Sections
In order to be able to post or respond to adverts in the Members for Sale Sections you need to be a subscribed member of the VWT Forum.

Only post things that you are personally selling in the for sale sections, any discussion regarding an item for sale via any other source should be conducted in General T4 Chat or the spotted on Ebay topic.

After you have posted your advert, there will be a delay, whilst your advert is checked for suitablity for inclusion in the forums: For Sale areas.

Your ad will be invisible until it has been approved by the forums moderator: so please expect a time delay before you advertisement appears.

Please ensure that any advert is T4/ T5 related and not items of a general nature.

T4 / T5 related is things that attach to your van, go in your van or items that are directly attributable to the lifestyle: for example awnings, tents etc.

Please refrain from posting unnecessary or negative comments on items for sale, these comments will be deleted and could lead to a infraction.

If you are concerned about the contents of an add and feel that this needs addressing: please hit the moderator alert.

Any for sale ads that link to an auction will be moved to the T4 Treasure Hunt (Ebay Listings) forum.

Criteria For Adverts

A set price of the Item for sale.

Location of Item

Description of Item (Photo optional)

Contact Info (Pm/Email/Mobile)

Trade & Business Advertising

Anyone in a Business, or persons with multiple items of the same type wishing to advertise on the T4 Forum, needs to purchase a Trade Subscription. This will automatically grant permission to advertise in the VWT4 Forums Trade & Business Forum.

This is a dedicated forum within the Classifieds Section for VWT4 Forum Traders to advertise their products and services to the VWT4 Forum users but it is also fully searcheable by the wider public.

All members can view and reply to threads created by VWT4 Forum Traders but they cannot create new threads.
This system has been created to allow members in the trade & business community to advertise their goods and services.

VWT4 Forum Traders are now also permitted to advertise parts in the Parts For Sale forum. This is subject to a fair use policy with the intention of preventing the section becoming overloaded with parts from the same trader. If it appears as though too many parts are advertised for sale from one trader at any one time, posts may be deleted. Please exercise common sense in this area.

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