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If you love your van the only solution is the TDI route. :) Don't spend money or time on an ABL.

4 cylinder TDI engine uses the same design to mount the bottom sprocket to the nose of the crank as the ABL engine,so this failure can occur with the TDI engine the same as it does on the ABL engine

Drill and pin is the only way to ensure this does not happen.

The power steering pulley stands much further away from the ribbed belt pulley on the ABL engine and when you convert to TDI whilst retaining the standard power steering pump.
This distance stresses the nose of the crank and keyway in the sprocket more than it does in the cars where the pulleys are very close together.

When replacing timing belts i would advise that the sprocket and stretch bolt are replaced as a preventative maintenance measure and the nose of the crank is checked,
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