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Purchase a set of wiperblades for your Volkswagen and receive a FREE bottle of Genuine Volkswagen screenwash!!

This offer is for any Volkswagen!

Just ring us to put a set aside!

(01202) 713000

Front Box Set for Transporter T5 from £25.88inc vat

Did you know… that with an average amount of driving the
wiper blades travel in half a year approx. 800 kilometers (500 miles) across the surface of your windscreen? This is the quivalent of roughly 60 football fields. … that the best possible wiping quality is produced during the first six months? During this period, approx. 125,000 wiping movements are made. Thereafter, the wiping quality steadily decreases.​

Breeze Volkswagen
Yarrow Road
Tower Park
BH12 4QY
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