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Hi All

A quick bit of background. I recently purchased a 2010 T5, the previous owner said that the blowers stopped working a few weeks before he sold it to me. All other electrics work perfectly.

I'm getting no power to the blower or power from the control switch on all settings.
Checked all fuses for continuity and none are blown.
Took the blower motor out and tested it direct to 12v which worked fine.
Replaced the resistor just in case
The 40amp fuse behind the BCM is also getting no power. Unsure where to the power feed to this comes from?
Getting power to the fuses under the passenger seat and the relay.

My only guess is there's a relay somewhere that I'm missing. Checked the relays behind the BCM and they appear to be functioning correctly.

Anybody have any ideas id be very grateful

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