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Update on this.

I got a pair of Pagid handbrake cables from EuroCarParts (make sure you check if you've got disc or drum brakes at the rear and check the length of the cable assording to SWB or LWB!) for £10 (50% flash sale code!).

Followed this instruction on how to replace them:

VWt Magazine: Replacing handbrake cables on a Volkswagen T4

It's straight forward, theoretically. But the old cables were completely seized at the disc brake actuating levers end and I had to spray WD-40 and a bit of hammer action to break loose. They did eventually come out. The rest is so easy. Upon inspection, there were loads of water inside the cables...

I like the new Pagid cables because the inner steel cable itself is protected by plastic / rubber sleeve (like a heat shrink sleeve) and the outer cable is also covered with the same material. The only part the metals are exposed are the ends. So I rubbed some copper grease on the exposed metal parts (not right on the "z" end hook and the ball end, obviously) and where the clips / brackets hold the cable. For this reason, I wouldn't recommend spraying WD-40 on the new cable (WD-40 will eat rubber / plastic in no time)

Another job well done. I won't have to worry about handbrakes hopefully for a long time!

Happy motoring!
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