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Having a bit of a clear out at mine and have these to sell;

Temperature Sender (4 Pin) for 1900cc Diesel T4 1996–2003

first up is a temperature sender, 4 pin (green) for a t4 diesel. Bought when I was having trouble with my gauge not working however I'd ordered a few different sensors and this one wasn't needed. Its from just kampers, cost £5 so i'll sell for £3.50 posted.

Stereo Wiring Adaptor

Bought this before i picked up the van so i could fit my new headunit, however, it came with one already fitted so didn't need it. Its from Halfords, correct number for the t4 according to there reference guide, cost £12, sell for £7.50 posted.

Gear Lever Extension (and a free knob!)

Fitted to the van when I bought it, but I wanted a black one so replaced it and fitted a new knob at the same time.

£5 posted.

Short Shift Ball Joint (for early vans)

Bought in error before I understood the difference between older and newer vans gear linkages, never used.

£2.50 posted.

Have pics of all, however my photobucket accounts messing me about at the minute so will be added later any questions, let me know. T:

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