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We've only had our '96 2.4D Caravelle (AAB engine) for a month and its already died... :blg :* ....please help!!

We noticed a small diesel leak about 2 weeks after we bought it and had problems starting it from cold - took a few attempts, would turn over but not fire and lots of white smoke. However, when we did get it going it would run perfectly and it always started fine when the engine was hot.

We decided to go to the British VW festival this weekend, the 1.5hr drive was fine, but when we came back to the caravelle after 4hrs at the show, she refused to start. We looked under the bonnet to find diesel leaking quite badly (about a drip a sec) from the fuel pump. We checked the injectors to see if diesel was getting to them and it appeared it wasn't - hence the engine was turning over but not getting the fuel to fire it up.

With no breakdown cover, it was only thanks to a couple from Worcester who came to our rescue and sorted us out with a tow truck, that we managed to get back home. They were amazing... THANKS GUYS!!! Anyway, we've been told that it could be the top seal on the fuel pump thats broken or a problem with the solenoid.

Any ideas on what it could be?
Are either of these problems hard or expensive to fix - if so, how much?
And can anyone recommend a garage in the Cardiff area who could sort it for us if we aren't able to do it ourselves?

Thanks in advance
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