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Hi all, Ive had my van for 6 months now after saving for many years.
Ive done around 4k in it, snowboarding, camping trips and days away with the mountain bikes. Its a white shuttle ex ambulance service with 75k on the clock at the moment and I love it!T:

I unclipped and stored all unnecessary seats so theres just the 2 singles up front and one single in the rear for the lad, giving us plenty room for bikes or to sleep 2 in the back.
I got the rear windows limo tinted and after Id replayed all my old rave tapes I replaced the cassette player.
There are a few car park type dings and the bonnet has its fair share of chips, so I was saving to get those sorted and hopefully get the bumpers painted as well. I have yet to get some quotes.

We were in Aberdeeen a few weeks back when I noticed some black smoke coming from the exhaust. The more I looked the more seemed to come out! :eek:
People behind us in nice cars were backing offH:
Anyway, I limped back home and put it into my local garage, a VW van restorer, owner and self confessed addict.
I feared the worst.

The EGR valve was cleaned using some liquid poured into the tank, no difference.
The valve was then stripped and cleaned. On closer inspection he discovered the pipe from the intercooler was needing replaced. Once replaced it became apparent that there was also a hole in the intercooler which would also need replaced. I sourced a brand new one online which was £100 cheaper than VW, so that helped.
So the bad news is - the money I had saved for the painting is gone:mad:
The good news is - the van is running better than its ever been since I got itT:
Our Busfest tickets arrived in the post today, our 1st ever show:ILU:
Great site you have here, cheers
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