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I thought about plugging in the Gas cooker myself.
Then I got a little paranoid - what with having my 8 month and 3 year old girls in the van and me being a useless **ck when it comes to all things Gas | Water | Electrical

So I had Alistair at www.avcamperconversions.co.uk do the job for me, and what a great job!

The setup is outlined below - sorry about the pics but this is a bitch to photograph with a 35mm camera.

1. Truma bulkhead regulator, with test point. Campingaz adaptor and appropriate pigtail.
2. Copper from regulator to hob.
3. The bulhead regulator, pigtail and bottle are housed in a sealed locker, with a drop vent in the floor.
4. The test point on the regulator allowed him to test the system out to a pressure of 150Mb. [He had a great tool that he connected to the system for about 5 mins, fully pumped we had no leeks!]
5. He also tested the operating pressure of the regulator and cooker.

Thanks Alistair

sleep well my friends - just be sure and wake up!

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Where did you get the gas locker, the gas bottle valve and the regulator from?
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