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Hi there folks Andy here from Gatwick, So the story is this .... my missus LOVES beetles so we go to the odd show here and there, This weekend we went to Brighton Breeze and wow I love the VW atmosphere, friendly people and some awesome looking vehicles. For years I have loved the transporter had one as a work van (02 plate) and after this weekend I want another, its going to be totally different from my normal ride civic type r and the missus has a VW Touran but I am sure the kids will love going to shows etc.
I am well aware that the diesels can be remapped etc and I will go though this site with a fine tooth comb
I do love the smoothness of the 5 cylinder and I presume a tad more power so for now that's my lookout.
Soon as xmas (bah humbug) is out of the way the hunt will begin and im hoping that around 12k or under will get me a good starting point.

I have been on several forums in the last few years (non VW) and I am hoping for some good conversations instead of mindless twirps giving a 2 peneth worth of rubbish.

Best Regards to one and all
Andy T:T:T:T:
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