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Finally got round to doing it today , after driving round for weeks with it held together with zip ties thinking its going to let me down this ,when I least need it to . Well it did Christmas day night on the way to Oldham A+E .

As I was re-zip tie- ing it in the hospital car park I remember saying " funny this is not how I envisaged Christmas night" or I would have if I wasn't holding a phone /torch in my mouth. Theres a moral there.

Anyway jumped on it today , decided to try to do it right , so took grille and rad. off (so much easier , only 5 mins,) caught antifreeze in storage box ,stuck bolts in power steering pipes.

Took the bracket with what was left of the old bush off, a 13mm ring spanner , the bent , goose necked kind (dont know the proper name) did it easily.

Had the plastic bush in hot water softening up so then stuck the bracket and bush in the vice and tried to squeeze the bush in .

The bush being softer with the heat started to balloon out with the pressure and wasnt having it , so I tried offering it up the bracket at an angle and poking /tucking the edge in with a big blunt screwdriver ,I thought I might damage the bush like this but they seem quite tough and working round the edge it finally popped in ok with the help of a bit of WD 39 (they but the cheap stuff in work) .

I bolted the bracket back on and then took the saddle type bracket on top of the gearbox ( the one that the ball on the other end of the shaft floats in) off to give me more room.

I had made a clamp in work to hopefully compress the plastic ball into the socket of the bush , so fitted that .

Gave the bush a squirt of WD again and tighened up the clamp , a few turns and it slid in easily.

Saddle bracket back on .

Flushed with success , thought i,d put the last of the glow plugs that I had put off doing (just put three in at first) , dead easy again with the front off ,then popped the circlip on the cold start advance cable that I lost last time I attempted the glow plugs, so that works now as well T:

Anyway if I had done these jobs when I should have I wouldn't have wasted a crimbo holiday day and been fretting about zip ties snapping ,but on the plus side my diy clamp worked a treat .Whole three jobs about 1 1/2 hours.

Topped up brake fluid and antifreeze , went for a spin and the gears are great , no play and easy selection .:)

No use for the clamp now so if anyone wants one for the price of post just ask .

Heres some pics if I can load them. Spud

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