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With everyone changing their fifth gears, I thought I'd better add this...

A note on gearbox oils

VW state that the gearbox oil is in there for life. However, as VW transaxle life can be short, general advise from VW Forum Network seems to be that gearbox oil should be changed at every 4th service (some even say at every other service?). The ultra competitive garage trade generally follows the normal service plan for any vehicle, so if you require a gearbox oil change, you'll need to ask for it.

Only VW specific gear oils should be used - if only because they give a better gear change.

From VW - manual transmission oil G060726A2 (G60) GL4 Extreme Pressure oil (which superceded G52 oil sometime ago).

Castrol market a VW specific synthetic 75w-90 gear oil called TAF-X and universal Syntrax which is GL4 (EP) and GL5 (Hypoid) compatible.

There are other equivalents available, but the GL4 (EP) specification is crutial.

Those of you doing fifth gear swops, differential repairs and maybe even clutch changes, will need to drain and refill your boxes, so make sure the correct gear oil is being used...
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