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ok I need some advice from anyone with some gearbox knowledge, I had my gearbox rebuilt because 4th gear was making hell of a noise

all was great for 800miles, then 4th started whining again :( all so I'm getting what I can only dicribe as a whoring noise backing off
really notice it going up to rounderbouts in 3rd 4th and in our close in 1/2nd when it at low revs and I'm also convinced 3rd is getting
noisy above 2500 rpm, the gearbox re builder said it was 4th bedding in and would go away. ....now I'm not that boody stupid!!
also noticed when I changed my brakes and oil there's a lot of play and noise in the dif when I in gear when i had it on stands,
so its going back to him on monday (12th) and im giving him one shot at putting it right then I will pursue him for my money back
and take it else where. .....

what I'm after is some advice as to what could be wrong inside or what he has or has not done in there so I have some ammo and sound like I
kind of know what I'm talking about, they've got a good name and have been going sense 78 and he was more then happy to have it back when
I said I was not a happy man!....

can anyone enlighten me, thanks T:

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Must have been a cheap rebuild ? Get him to correctly 'recondition' the box not just replace a worn part , stick to your guns and ask him is he using the best oil for it ?

Make a note of the gearbox serial number in case he is just plopping in a different box from a breakers
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