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Hi All,

I have a 2009 T5 1.9tdi 5 speed manual BRS engine code, wondering if anyone out there has had chattering noises in 1st and 2nd gears with the 5 speed manual box, I think I am needing a rebuild so have a few questions. Also need to replace clutch and possibly DMF as it has had a judder for some time now. Any info on the the following you can provide would be greatly appreciated:

1. Gearbox removal - how to's, to drop subframe, what happens to power steering lines, remove drive shafts completely etc?
2. Gearbox codes - where to find codes on box or chassis plate. VW tell me the codes (from my VIN) are JQT and 02Z type, can anyone confirm this?
3. Thinking I need to do clutch and flywheel as well, if it turns out to be a Luk unit can I replace the flywheel and clutch with a Sachs kit if I also change the DMF to suit??
4. Rebuild kits form eBay, looks like the bearing kit is the cheapest option and guessing this is the problem as still have drive and no bangs (yet) or complete failure.
5. Output drive shaft on drivers side will also be replaced at same time.

Anything else I have missed in my research?? !!! Anyone with experience on this would be great to hear from,

huge thanks, Ben
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