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January 1990 (L chassis, the 1990 model year - modell jahr)

T4 Take Off.

The European range is announced with short wheel base (swb - kurzer radstand; 2920mm wheelbase, 4707mm overall length) and long wheel base panel (lwb - langer radstand; 3320mm, 5107mm) panel vans - the WV1 "Commercial" range, aka Transporter - and the WV2 "Leisure" range; Kombis, Caravelles, Multivans and the California campers, be they Kombi or Caravelle based. WV3 chassis codes refer to Chassis Cabs and Power Cabs for special bodies. Models are gradually phased into production throughout the year, built alongside the T3.

The New Transporter Range:
  • swb van (Kasten) and window van (Kombi) 800kg, 1000kg, 1200kg payload - load volume 5.4 cubic metres, with either tailgate or twin barn doors and either single or twin sliding doors.
  • lwb vans and window van 1200kg payload load volume 6.3 cubic metres, with either tailgate or barn doors and either single or twin sliding doors.
  • the lwb High-Roof Panel van and Window Van with 7.8 cubic metres load volume features full height twin barn doors and a single sliding door only.
  • swb single cab pick-up (Pristche) and chassis cab, 3 or 4 door, 1000kg, 1200kg payload.
  • lwb single cab pick-up and chassis cab (Doppelkab or Doka / Crewcab), 3 or 4 door, 1000kg, 1200kg payload.
  • lwb double cab pick-up and chassis cab, 3 or 4 door, 1200kg payload (including driver and crew).
  • single and double power cab (with no rear chassis whatsoever) are a gift for specialist coachbuilders, this example being the Swedish Al-ko independently sprung chassis popular with many Motorhome and car transporter builders because of it's 3.5 tonne load capacity!
Window vans - Kombi's - are built on the Caravelle frame and can be ordered with windows in any of the side positions or no windows at all! They can have any seat combination from 2 to 9 seats for the swb, up to 12 seats for the lwb. Crucially, the Caravelle chassis has three point seat belt mounts installed for all these possiblities.

The New Caravelle Range:
  • swb 7, 8, and 9 seater C, CL and GL trim levels.
  • lwb 8, 9, 10 and 12 seater C and CL trim levels.
C and CL specifications can be ordered with either tailgate or barn doors.

Engine choice is initially restricted to three petrol and two diesel options adapted to "commercial" use from the contemporary VW Audi car ranges, as no T3 engine is carried over.

Petrol engine range:
  • 4-cylinder 1.8 litre PD (67bhp/49kw) with Pierburg carburettor and no catalyst, no power steering, 14" wheels and solid front brake discs. (Vans for certain export markets only.)
  • 4-cylinder 2.0 litre AAC (87bhp/62kw) with VW Digifant fuel injection with or without catalyst, power steering optional, 14" wheels (15" wheels optional) and solid front brake discs.
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre AAF (110bhp/81kw) with VW Digifant fuel injection and catalyst, power steering standard, 15" wheels and vented front brake discs.
Diesel (indirect injection -IDI) engine range:
  • 4-cylinder 1.9 litre 1X (61bhp/45kw) normally aspirated (na) and no catalyst, power steering optional, 14" wheels and solid front brake discs.
  • 5-cylinder 2.4 litre AAB (78bhp/57kw) normally aspirated (na) and no catalyst, power steering standard, 15" wheels and vented front brake discs.
All models have 02B 5-speed manual gearboxes and drum rear brakes.

Transporter models have lowline trim and Caravelle models have either lowline or midline trim.
  • Lowline trim dashboard with either analogue clock or rev counter with digital clock
  • Midline trim dashboard with multifunction trip computer
European and South African T3 production continues with Last Edition Multivans and Vanagons still proving to be popular. T3 bodyshells are shipped to Westfaliawerke for camper conversion and Steyr Daimler Puch in Austria for Syncro assembly.

Brazilian and Mexican T2 production continues.

The Brazilian range continues as 1.6 litre air-cooled petrol or ethanol powered or water-cooled 4-cylinder 1.6 litre diesel panel van, Pick-Up or Kombi.

Their Mexican cousins simply use a 4-cylinder 1.8 litre 75bhp Golf derived petrol engine as Panel Van, Combi or Caravelle - the T2c from 1988.


The Transporter has been in production for 40 years with over 6,700,000 units produced so far.

August 1990 - M chassis (1991 model year)

The Westfalia built Multivan is introduced to Europe available in Caribbean Green, Grey White or Paprika Red with Jamacian Blue and Silver Grey metallics being optional - the seats are covered in Point fabric.

The UK range is launched which includes swb 800 and 1000, and lwb 1200, vans (with pick-up and chassis cabs available to special order), in the Transporter line up, but only a selection of Caravelles - the 7 and 8 seater swb GL, the 8 and 9 seater swb CL and lwb 9 seater CL.

Right hand drive T4 Caravelles are imported to South Africa to be sold alongside the locally made T3 Kombi, Microbus, Caravelle and Transporter.

Wolfsburg based Kamei introduce their ClubVan luxury people carrier, which happens to showcase their range of aftermarket add-ons.

Other tuning specialists such as Abt, Oettinger, Projekt-Two (shown here) and Zender also launch their wares.

Karmann launch their coachbuilt T4 camper range to be sold alongside the T3 Syncro Gipsy. The swb T4 is the Gipsy II whilst the lwb model is the Cheetah.

August 1991 - N chassis (1992 model year)

The California (Campmobile) launch - the lwb Club.

The Westfalia California range of Motor Caravans (Wohnmobiles) come on stream for the European market only with the same range of colours as the Multivan:
  • swb Coach (with or without elevating roof - Aufstelldach).
  • lwb Club Hi-Top (Hochdach).
The limited edition Multivan Allstar is available in Europe finished in Capri Green, Grey White, Silver Grey or Tornado Red. Special one-off Matisse fabric covers the seats.

T3 production finally ends in Europe. The Vanagon bows out in the States, leaving VW without a recreational vehicle in their US range as the T4 does not immediately replace it there.

T3 body shells, with larger flush side windows and 4 or 5-cylinder inline petrol engines continue to be made in South Africa, 2.6 litre bodies are shipped Africa to Steyr Daimler Puch to satisfy Syncro demand.

UK built Swift Carrera 2 or 4 berth.

European and UK based Motor Caravan builders begin to phase in their Volkswagen Compatible Design conversions to be sold either directly or by approved Motor Caravan specialists and Main Dealers.

The annual "Van Of The Year" competition launches...


The 098 4-speed automatic transmission is introduced as an option for the 5-cylinder models.

August 1992 - P chassis (1993 model year)

CKD (Completely Knocked Down) kit production starts in Poland and Indonesia;
Licensed production starts in Taiwan courtesy of Chin Chun Motors Ltd - these models quickly set the standard, scoring consistently high results in the Asian JD Power surveys.

Rising demand and stricter emissions laws determine that more engines are added to the range throughout the T4's life.

The revised petrol engine range:
  • 4-cylinder 1.8 litre PD engine dropped from range.
  • 4-cylinder 2.0 litre AAC engine available only with catalyst.
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre ACU (110bhp/81kw) VW Digifant fuel injection and catalyst, in addition to the AAF engine.
A new diesel engine:
  • The Euro 2 compliant 1.9 litre ABL (68bhp/50kw) Umwelt IDI Turbo Diesel with Catalyst and Exhaust Gas Recirculation, power steering standard, 14" wheels (15" wheels optional).
1993 model T4a 2.4D na and 2.5 Petrol Syncro Caravelle.

The four wheel drive T4 Syncro range is announced, built in-house at Hanover with it's own 02D 5-speed manual gearboxes (with no automatic option), available in both swb and lwb bodies but only with the 5 cylinder engines.

Bosch antilock braking (ABS) and Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) is also available across the range, being an option for the Syncro along with rear differential locks and/or a freewheelling device for the rear axle.

T4a Eurovan - note the beefier front bumper in Bordeaux Red.

The 2.5 litre Petrol (AAF and ACU) automatic Eurovan range is introduced in the United States and mexico; the 7 seater Eurovan CL and GL (aka Caravelle) compete in the Minivan sector whilst the MV (Multivan) and the MV Weekender (Multivan with Westfalia elevating roof - Pop-Top) step into "replace" the Vanagon Camper (the California is not offered). Manual transmission is briefly available on the entry CL model.

Right hand drive 4-cylinder 2.0 litre and 5-cylinder 2.5 litre petrol, and 5-cylinder diesel powered Transporters, vans and chassis cabs, and Kombis are offered in Australia including the 4wd Syncros.

Canada gets left hand drive Transporters and Caravelles with the 5-cylinder petrol and diesel engine packages.

The lwb Hi-Top California Tour is introduced with a stretched version of the traditional furniture layout as seen in the swb Coach.

The limited edition Multivan Classic is available in Europe finished in either Caribbean Green, Grey White or Marsala Red solid colours; or Atlantic Blue, Jamaica Blue, Smoke Blue and Bourdeaux Red metallics, and light grey Point fabric as shared with the California range.

The Elektrovan concept is showcased with a 90km/h top speed and a range of 103 kilometers at 50km/h expending 29kw/h of charge. The 0-50km/h time is 15 seconds! This compares well with the 1978 T2 Electrovan which had a 70km/h top speed and expended 55kw/h's of charge.The 0-50km/h time was quicker though, at 12 seconds.

August 1993 - R chassis (1994 model year)

The 14" wheels are dropped from UK 2.0 litre petrol and 1.9 litre Turbo Diesel Caravelle models.

The paintwork warranty is extended from 12 months to 3 years.

In the U.K. the 800 Special become becomes a model in it's own right giving the owner £1,100 worth of extras for a £300.00 premium over the standard 800 panel van: the package includes 15 inch wheels, power steering, radio/cassette, captains seats with armrests in Light Grey Point fabric, heated rear window, a tailored rubber mat for the load area and a half height bulkhead behind the cockpit. It is available in Grey White, Indian Blue or Marsala Red solid colours only.

Karmann launch their extended Karuso motor caravan.

Oettinger show off a 200bhp 5-cylinder turbo charged petrol and a 110bhp 5-cylinder turbo diesel at the Essen Motorshow.

Trakka, based near Sydney, Australia, begin to introduce their Camper conversions and other special bodies, including Australia's first wheel chair access vehicle.

April 1994

The 2.4D na Syncro is available with a crawler or "mountain" 02D gearbox for the first time.

August 1994 - S chassis (1995 model year)

The Auto Sleeper Topaz is awarded Motor Caravan Of The Year.

Power assisted steering becomes standard across the entire range.

All UK Transporters now come with 15" wheels.

The 500,000th T4 is made at Hanover and production reaches 1200 per day. The T4 accounts for half of all Commercial vehicle sales (in it's class) in it's home market.

Volkswagen of America (now Volkswagen Group of America) offers the Full Camper built by Winnebago Industries of Iowa to properly replace the Vanagon Camper. Based on the lwb WV2 window van chassis, it has side windows cut in and fixed in a traditional manner rather than using flush bonded factory windows.

Winnebago also builds the Rialta, a sleek 2 berth coachbuilt model based on the WV3 single power cab and leaf sprung rear chassis - both models are powered by the same 2.5 litre 110bhp petrol engines with 4-speed automatic transmissions as the rest of the Eurovan range. Both models are exported to Canada as Eurovan models.

January 1995

A new 01P 4-speed automatic transmission replaces the 098 as an option for the 5-cylinder models with a fault finding facility linked to the vehicle diagnostics system.

An additional petrol engine:
  • 5 cylinder 2.5 litre AEN (110bhp/81kw) VW Digifant fuel injection with catayst.
Imports to States of the Eurovan 7-seaters and MV cease as only 1,936 are sold in the year, but the MV Weekender remains available to special order alongside the Winnebego conversions. Canadian Transporter and Caravelle imports continue.

The Australian Trakka range of Campers, people movers and wheel chair Access vehicles get Australian Design Rule (ADR) certification - the only T4 conversions to acheive this.

The Coach based limited edition California Biker is offered in Grey White or Ranch Blue metallic with "Jacquard" upholstery. Standard equipment includes a 4-bike rack, 6-speaker Gamma radio/cassette, 2nd battery and, for the first time, there is a choice of roof; elevating roof or aerodynamic Compact Hi-Top (Compakt Hochdach).

The California Exclusive replaces the Club and Tour and a swb version of the Hochdach is introduced as an option for the Coach in addition to the Compakt Hochdach.


Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge (VWN, Commercial Division) is created bringing VW's entire global commercial and leisure vehicle interests under Hanover control, including the T4. The car division, Volkswagen PKW, concentrates on itself, Skoda, Bentley and Bugatti whilst Audi nurtures Seat and Lambourgini.

August 1995 - T chassis (1996 model year)

European launch of the rare T4a Direct Injection (DI) Turbo Diesel TDI (for 5 months only):
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre ACV (102 bhp/75kw) Euro 2 TDI Turbo Diesel with intercooler and catalyst.
New to the TDI is it's own 02G 5-speed gearbox or it can be ordered with the 4-speed automatic transmission, rear disc brakes, and an air intake grille on the right hand front wing.

January 1996 (T chassis)

T4b range launch.

T4b doublecab (Doka) pick up.

The T4b is introduced with the Long Nose front to house the narrow angle V6 engine from the Golf, Corrado and Passat. All Caravelles have this front, whatever engine is fitted, and it is optional on European commercials. All models now have rear disc brakes, improved suspension to handle extra weight yet maintain payload capacity, and take the TDI's wing vents with larger, more rounded off bumpers. The raft of improvements across the range warrants all post January 1996 models to be called T4b's, long or short nosed. It is now possible to order from dealers 350 T4 factory type variations, not including Special Vehicles or special requests.

The engines available are:

Petrol engine range (all with catalysts):
  • 4-cylinder 2.0 litre AAC as T4a.
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre AAF, ACU, AEN as T4a.
  • 6-cylinder 2.8 litre AES (140bhp/103kw) VR6 12 valve Bosch Motronic fuel injection.
Diesel engine range:
  • 4-cylinder 1.9 litre 1X discontinued.
  • 4-cylinder 1.9 litre ABL as T4a.
  • 5-cylinder 2.4 litre AAB as T4a.
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre ACV TDI as T4a.
To celebrate the arrival of the T4b the limited edition Multivan Special, finished in Grey White or Tornado Red with black infills between the side windows, is announced for the European market.

Eurovan MV Weekender, Full Camper (shown) and Rialta now with long nose and 6-cylinder 140bhp VR6 engine - but still automatic only for the United States.

The 16" chassis is available as an option - the 16" wheels are necessary to house larger vented front brake discs.

Auto Seikel of Altemmittlau, long established players in Syncro upgrades, sign up with VW and Audi for adaptations of their 4wd ranges for special orders and motorsport. This is an example of their T4b Syncro-16 with 235/70x16 M+S tyres with altered gearing and speedometer, raised suspension, increased weight capacity, underbody protection and optional locking front differential.

August 1996 - V chassis (1997 model year)

Auto Sleeper's Surf design study is showcased at the NEC Motorshow.

Australians can finally buy the Caravelle with the VR6 offered to special order.

Whilst Mexican T2 production ends, Brazil takes up T2c production to replace the T1/T2 hybrid. Now, Mexico imports it's 1.8 litre water-cooled T2 range from Brazil, whilst the 1.6 litre air-cooled engine soldiers on for the Brazilians - the diesel version is dropped from the range.


More petrol engines:
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre AEU (110bhp/81kw) VW Simos fuel injection with catalyst.
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre AET (115bhp/85kw) VW Simos fuel injection with catalyst.

The California Beach limited edition is announced, based on the Coach, with 6-speaker Gamma entertainment system, electric windows and mirrors, heat insulating glass, colour coded bumpers and morrors, manual air-conditioning and additional heater, antilock brakes and electronic differential lock as standard.

August 1997 - W chassis (1998 model year)

The 6-seater "multi-media" equipped luxury Caravelle Business can be built to special order for VW's home market in long and short. Option packages include the mobile office, multi-media, 18" Avez LM alloys and Xenon headlamps (as shown here, available from Projektzwo).

March 1998

The TDI Syncro is introduced with an adapted 02G gearbox. The 2.4D na and 2.5 petrol versions continue.

The 1,000,000th T4 leaves the productionline.


The 2.4 "Cat Diesel" and red "I" are announced:
  • 5-cylinder 2.4 litre AJA (75bhp/55kw) Euro 2 normally aspirated with catalyst.
    [*]5-cylinder 2.5 litre AHY (150bhp/111kw) Euro 2 TDI with catalyst (known briefly as the "DI").
The Cat Diesel replaces the AAB engine for home market front wheel drive models but remains in place for the 2.4D na Syncros.


Launch of the blue "I" turbo diesel:
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre AJT (88bhp/65kw) Euro 2 TDI without intercooler.
VW do Brazil unveils it's Concept Kombi, with full leather interior and unique two-tone paint job.

August 1998 - X chassis (1999 model year)

A new dashboard is introduced with blue back lighting, a digital service interval indicator and an improved self diagnosis facility. The lowline dash incorporates a rev counter and digital clock whilst the midline dashboard features a multi-function trip computer. The lhd only highline dash also houses a double-din sat nav media package.

Assembly of Multivans is transferred to Hall 33, the Servicecenter fur Specialaustattungen (Special Vehicle Unit), next door to the Hanover factory, with Westfalia providing the kit. These models are known as Multivan II, and the model becomes officially available in the U.K for the first time.


The limited edition Multivan Atlantis is offered in Europe with the TDI engine.


The Multivan Generation is announced to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Transporter.

The 16" models are announced:
  • 6-cylinder 2.8 litre AMV (204bhp/150kw) V6 Bosch mpi 24 valve with catalyst, 16" wheels and larger brakes are standard.
  • 6-cylinder 2.8 litre AXK (204bhp/150kw) V6 Bosch mpi 24 valve with catalyst, 16" wheels and larger brakes are standard.
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre AXG (150bhp/111kw) TDI the Euro 3 red "I" with intercooler and catalyst, 16" wheels and larger brakes are standard.
August 1999 - Y chassis (2000 model year to 30th April 2000)

Daimler Benz acquire a 49% stake in Westfaliawerke, who change their name to Westfalia Van Conversions.

The California Generation is launched to celebrate the Transporter's 50th anniversary. Standard kit includes a washing up bowl that fits in the sink, cutlery and crockery, cooking utensils, removeable carpet, and a bike rack for 4 bikes. It is available with any TDI engine and choice of roof - elevating, "compact" hi-top or full hi-top. Also offered is the California Advantage available with either TDI or TDI engines.

The Karmann Colorado Edition is announced to celebrate 25 years of Transporter based Karmann coachbuilt campers.

All Design Compatible Motor Caravan models including the Californias have electric windows and mirrors, remote central locking and additional heater as standard, and the Long Nose.


More petrol engines:
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre APL (115bhp/85kw) VW Simos fuel injection with catalyst.
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre AVT (115bhp/85kw) VW Simos fuel injection with catalyst.
And another diesel engine:
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre AUF (102bhp/75kw) TDI with intercooler and catalyst for automatic transmission.
Relaunch of the 7-seater Eurovan GLS V6 in States. Notably, with V6 lwb Long Nose vans and chassis cabs being shipped to Winnibego in North America for their Eurovan Full Camper and Rialto conversions, all body types can be specially built with any power package.


The 8,500,000th Transporter leaves the production line.

The Indian Blue 1.9TD 50th Anniversary Edition Van is offered in the UK with electric windows and mirrors, central locking, twin sliding doors, anti-lock brakes and 15" alloy wheels - 300 are available at a starting price of £12,300 (a twin front passenger seat version is also offered at extra cost).

May 2000 - 1 Chassis (2001 model year from 1st May 2000)

Long-life or Variable servicing is available on all models except the 1.9TD. Vehicle diagnositics are further enhanced.

The anti-corrosion warranty is extended from 6 years to 8 years.

More diesel engines:
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre AYC (102bhp/75kw) intercooler TDI.
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre AYY (88bhp/65kw) Euro 3 TDI (no intercooler) blue "i".
The TDI is introduced in Australia. Trakka team up with Auto Seikel, offering their upgrades on Syncro based campers, and celebrate the new Millenium with their Trakka 2000 and Trakka on Tour concepts.

Two Auto Seikel prepared Multivan TDI Syncro-16's break a world record, travelling the entire length of the Pan-American Highway in 15 1/2 days.

Caravelle and Kombi production begins in Brazil, alongside the T2c.

A 2002 Doublecab Sportstar (the "Sport Doka") made by coachbuilder Stahl Exclusive featuring a long nosed front with revised grille, Syncro running gear, TDI engine and Caravelle trim, finished in Diamond Black (or Black Magic).

January, February, March

To much acclaim, Concept Microbus
is shown at the Detriot, Tokyo, Geneva and Frankfurt motorshows. Styled at VW's Californian Simi Valley design studios and based on the forthcoming T5 3.2-litre V6 2wd and 4wd chassis the project includes a working Microbus. A model Camper and an artists impression (shown here) of a Pick-Up are also displayed.


Crawler or "mountain" gear ratios are offered on the 4wd TDI Syncro and 2wd TDI pick-up and tipper.

May 2001 - 2 Chassis (2002 model year)

Yet another diesel:
  • 5-cylinder 2.5 litre AXL (102bhp/75kw) intercooler TDI.
2001 Razorback Ute imports to the UK and Europe from Australia.

Winnebago announce another T4 based Recrational Vehicle (RV) - the Class C coachbuilt Vista 21B and it's sister the Itasca Sunstar, again based on the WV3 V6 automatic Power Cab.

The California Event is announced to celebrate 50 years of the VW Westfalia Campmobile, available with all TDI engine options and drivelines in either Elegance Green or Nebio Blue with body coloured bumpers and mirrors, isofix child seat fixings incorporated in the rear seat/bed, front airbags for driver and passenger, antilock brakes and electronic differential lock, double glazing in the rear quarters and heat insulating glass in the cab, air-conditioning, a 4-bike carrier, and matching Step By Step fabric pillow cases and rear bag system.

The Multivan Highline is offered with TDI and TDI, and V6, engines, with full leather upholstery in Urban Grey, Reflex Silver, Oceanic Green or Black Magic pearl paint finishes.


In honour of Major Ivan Hirst, VW presents the British Army's REME with three T4's scripted with "Partners in Engineering".

The Caravelle range is revamped for the UK market; the CL becomes the Sedan, the GL version becomes the Variant and the 7-seater Limousine version is introduced.

Production ceases in Brazil.

January 2002

All T4 TDI's become Euro 3 emissions compliant - production code OGE (OGD for Euro 2 TDI's - the 1.9TD is dropped from UK range - small and medium cars are Euro 3 compliant since 2000):
  • TDI ACV from engine number 266252.
  • TDI AJT from engine number 058063.
Daimler Chrysler complete their takeover of Westfalia Van Conversions.


The Multivan Panamerica is announced to celebrate VW's record breaking drive from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina in 15 1/2 days in two Seikel prepared Syncro-16s. It features full leather interior, twin Xenon headlamps, rear barn doors in place of a tailgate, 16" Syncro running gear with 250mm ground clearance, optional underbody shielding and the 75kw TDI engine. It is assembled in Hall 33.

May 2002 - 3 chassis (2003 model year)

short nose 888 Special (price new £10,495) and 888 X-Pack (£10,995).

The X-pack Final Edition long nose £500 option becomes available on vans in UK with the TDI engine on the newly introduced 888 Special (with a glazed tailgate to replace the 1.9TD 800 Special) and swb 1200 (with glazed rear barn doors). Additional equipment includes cruise control, driver's airbag, adjustable lumber support in driver's seat, seat armrests (driver's only on 1200 as it had dual passenger seat), electric mirrors and windows, remote central locking and Caravelle wheel trims.

The "final edition" California Freestyle is announced with all TDI engine and powertrain options and the V6, featuring air conditioning, matching utensils, isofix child seat fixings, and a full complement of cab airbags. Antilock brakes and electronic differential lock are standard equipment, with an Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) being optional. The Freestyle is available in either Black Magic, Fresco Green, Grey white, Reflex Silver or Urban Grey paint.

The Eurovan Cargos (panel van and pick-up) and Eurovan Pasajeros (Caravelle C) step into replace the Mexican T2, which bows out. Brazil continues to produce the T2c.


Concept Microbus is to be built at Hanover from 2005, VW announces, employing 1500 extra staff to build it. (It proves to be too expensive to make and the plans are soon shelved.)

March 2003

The last T4's are produced alongside the new T5 from March 2003.

No T4 engine or gearbox directly carries over to the T5: all T5 4-cylinder 1.9 litre (84ps and 104ps) and 5-cylinder 2.5 litre (130ps and 174ps) diesel engines are Euro 3 Pumpe Duse (PD) with higher outputs; the 4-cylinder 2.0 litre petrol (114ps) now has Motronic fuel injection and the V6 is now enlarged to 3.2 litres (235ps).

  • T26 Panel Van - swb; low roof only; 802kg payload; 4-cylinder 84ps TDI PD engine / 114ps petrol engine (not for the UK); 5-speed gearbox
  • T28 Panel Van - swb; low or medium roof options; 1002kg payload (4-cylinder 84ps or 104ps PD engines; 5-speed gearbox) or 928kg payload (2wd 5-cylinder 130ps or 174ps PD engines; 6-speed gearbox)
  • T30 Panel Van - swb or lwb; low, medium or high roof options; starting at 1202kg payload (4-cylinder 84ps or 104ps PD engines; 5-speed gearbox) or 1128kg payload (2wd 5-cylinder 130ps PD engine; 6-speed gearbox or Tiptronic gearboxes or 174ps PD engine with 6-speed gearbox) or 1028kg payload 5-cylinder (130ps engine; 4MOTION).
  • T30 Window Van - swb only; low or medium roof options...
  • T32 Panel Van - swb or lwb; low, medium or high roof options; starting at 1383kg payload (4-cylinder 104ps PD engine; 5-speed gearbox) or 1309kg (130ps PD engine; 6-speed gearbox)
  • T32 Window Van - swb or lwb; low, medium or high roof options...
  • T30 Chassis Cab - lwb only; single cab or doka; 4-cylinder 85ps (not for doka) or 104ps PD engines with 5-speed gearbox or 5-cylinder 130ps PD engine with 6-speed gearbox.
  • T30 Power Cab - single cab or doka...
The New CARAVELLE And MULTIVAN which is known as the KOMBI BEACH in Australia.
  • Comfortline (TRANSPORTER T30 SHUTTLE S and SE in the UK) - swb or lwb; tailgate or twin barn rear doors; engines and gearboxes as per T30 TRANSPORTER
  • Trendline (SE in the UK) - swb only; 4-cylinder 104ps PD engine, 5-speed gearbox or 5-cylinder 130ps PD engine; 6-speed manual or Tiptronic gearboxes or 174ps PD engine with 6-speed manual gearbox only; V6 235ps petrol engine with 6-speed Tiptronic gearbox.
  • Highline (EXECUTIVE in the UK) - as per SE with the exception of the 4-cylinder PD engine.
  • Business - built to special order...
The South African T3 is replaced by the T5.

The T5 replaces the T4 in Australia and Canada, but not in the United States, where the Touareg takes over in the Sport Utility (SUV) niche.

Brazil soldiers on with the air-cooled T2, and continues to export them to Argentina Nigeria and the UK. They can be ordered in white, with a limited production run of silver models occuring each month.

May 2003 - 4 chassis (2004 model year)

Last Edition Multivans, finished in Black Magic, Inky Blue, Reflex Silver and Urban Grey, are available with TDI (41,974 Euros), TDI (44,729 Euros) and V6 (50,257 Euros) engines. All feature half Leather / Alcantara upholstery, with full leather trim being optional, heated front seats, Climatronic air conditioning and 17" Avez LS alloy wheels.


Like the T4, a 4wd option now called 4MOTION with a Haldex rear differential is available with all body types but only with the 130ps 5-cylinder diesel engine.

May 2004 - 5 chassis (2005 model year)

September 2004

The last Eurovan GLS V6 is finally sold in the States

The 10 millionth TRANSPORTER leaves the productionline - a T5, which becomes 2004 "Van Of The Year"...

May 2005 - 6 chassis (2006 model year)

November 2005

VW do Brasil produces the last air-cooled T2's, to fulfill an order with UK based Danbury - the last one leaves the production line on December 23rd. The T2c continues in production with a Polo based 4-cylinder 1.4 litre 70bhp Total Flex water-cooled petrol/alcohol engine.

January 2006

All T5's become Euro 4 compliant resulting in a marginal reduction of power output for each 4-cylinder PD engine.

May 2006 - 7 chassis (2007 model year)

The Brazilian 50th Anniversary 1.4 litre water-cooled Kombi.

May 2007 - 8 chassis (2008 model year)

The entry level MULTIVAN STARTLINE is introduced.

The MULTIVAN range is available in lwb MAXI form for the first time in Europe .

The CARAVELLE and KOMBI BEACH are dropped from the Australian line-up. The TRANSPORTER range continues with Panel and Window Van variants and the Pick-Up (Ute), along with the introduction of the 2.0-litre 85kw petrol or 1.9-litre 62kw PD diesel engined CITIVAN.

Trakka continue building their T5 TRAKKADU camper, maintaining their link with Syncro specialist Seikel.

VW show off their lwb CALIFORNIA OCEAN concept complete with Polyroof Hi-Top (now an option for the CALIFORNIA) at the Dusseldorf Caravan Show.

The entire T5 range is dropped from Canada.

October 2007

VW Celebrate 60 years of the Transporter with thousands of enthusiasts from around the World at Hanover. VW mark this anniversary with the introduction of T5 limited editions across the range.

February 2008

VW's 2009 Chrysler based Routan minivan is unveiled at the Chicago Motor Show. Sharing it's platform with the Chrysler Town And Country and Dodge Grand Caravan the 3.8-litre V6 7-seater is to be built at Chrysler's facility in Windsor, Ontario in Canada.

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June 2000

Semi Knocked Down (SKD) kit assembly of the T4 begins in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, alongside various Skoda models - 130 are planned for the year end, with future exports to Turkey and other neighbouring countries in mind.
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