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Hey guys, I've recently acquired my first T5 (whoop whoop!) which I'm in the process of doing up; and like many posts I've read on the forum I've got a glove box that has a busted catch, no lock, the bits that actually hold it in place are no longer connected to anything so you have to just pull the life out of it to get it open, and to top it off, it looks like a dog has been chewing the sides.

I've had a quick scout around eBay for new ones but they all seem to be really pricey (give or take £80) and it got me wondering:
Firstly, if anyone knows any cheaper places to get new glove boxes, and secondly if anyone reading this has any experience putting some custom flair to their glove boxes? Reading through some of the mags like VWT and VWBUS, you often come across T4s and T5s that have all kinds of funky options with the dashboard such as suede linings and colour coded accessories, so I was curious to know if any of you folks have any suggestions?

Many thanks from the newbie!
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