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For those of you not going tp Beauleu next weekend you might be interested in a TV show about one of our forum memebrs...

Were putting it on record to watch when we get home..T:T:

Channel 5 TV guide

Flipper (Film)
Time - 16:05 - 17:55 (1 hour and 50 minutes long)
When - Saturday 25th July on five
Remake of the classic 1960s family adventure in which a city boy spending the summer with his uncle in Florida befriends a tame dolphin. Aided by his aquatic friend, the boy sets out to prove that a local charter-boat captain is dumping toxic chemicals at sea.
Director: Alan Shapiro
Starring: Elijah Wood, Paul HoganI:, Jonathan (Philpott)Banks Rasp:, Robert Deacon
(Subtitles, 1996, PG, 2 Star)
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