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i originally posted this in the wrong forum.

hi guys,
need some help asap!
i got a v6 caravelle on an r plate, got a new ignition key cut as the old one was getting a bit bent, anyway the new key worked well for a week then i went to start, all the lights came on but it wouldnt turn over, i thought it might be the new key so i tried the old one, that didnt work either, they did a diagnostic check via the plug-in computer it said key not recognised, now its stuck at the garage and the guy doesnt know what to do next, anyone got an answer? i spoke to the key guys this morning they said it was nothing to do with the key or immobiliser thats built into it as the van would have at least turned over. i really need my van back as i am a wheelchair user and its my only means of transport.
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