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Hi all,

I have enjoyed reading through this forum with the vast amount of information collected. As this is my first post - please go easy on me ;)

Has anyone come across the following symptoms below or can point me in the right direction? The vehicle I recently bought is a 2008 VW T5 2.5L BNZ 4-motion.

- Starting the engine from cold, after driving approximately 40km (mostly motorway), the Glow Plug Light Flashing starts
- Starting the engine once already warm, and after driving approximately 5km, the Glow Plug Light Flashing starts
- Driving short trips on small roads (i.e. not motorways) the GPLF does not appear
- The Engine light does not come on in either situation
- The Engine does not appear to have a change in sound or performance
- Plugged in OBD2 bluetooth device and connected to Android App 'Torque'; details Fault code: [P0263] Cylinder 1 Contribution/Balance

Trouble shooting carried out:
- Checking of the Brake Light lamps, switch/sensor, fuse as per GPLF threads in this forum - all appear to be OK
- Deleting logged code within the OBD2 App - this has no change as the symptoms remain

This website suggests the following: Fuel Injector #1 (N30): Contribution/Balance Fault

Possible Causes:
Engine controller software out of date. See special notes
Replacement Fuel Injectors (Injector Quantity Adjustment (IMA) channels) not calibrated to engine controller
Faulty Fuel Injector
Low compression or engine mechanical issues
Carbon deposits on Pressure Sensor/Glow Plugs including Cylinder specific Internal Pressure Sensor DTCs

Possible Solutions:
Check/Update Engine controller software. See special notes
Check Injector Quantity Adjustment (IMA) Adaptation channels
Check/Replace Faulty Fuel Injector and calibrate IMA Adaptation channels
Check the Engine mechanical condition in addition to the installed Pressure Sensor/Glow Plugs

Is this a job you can do yourself or better to take to VW garage or local garage?
Any anyone experienced the same issues? Any feedback?

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