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Similar problem - posted this yesterday:

Reversed out of Tesco car park space then couldn't seem to find 1st gear. Started ok in 2nd and other gears are fine so it got me home alright. Feels like 1st is now over where 3rd should be and it doesn't go in enough to pull away. Sounds daft but it feels like the gears have all slipped over to one side. Had a bit of a problem with reverse yesterday, took a couple of goes to get it. Anyone had similar problems?

Can't be clutch, new only just 3 months ago :(

Here's some answers I've found browsing this site:

On top of the gearbox on the selector arm there is a rectangular part that the rod of the gear linkage goes into. There should be a white nylon ball on the end of the rod. If the ball is missing the rod is slack in the rectangular bit and 1st and 2nd gear is a right pain in the hoop!
I bought one of these nylon ball things for about £3. Easy to fit, it just pushed on the the rod. Feels like a brand new van now.
Well worth checking first

as the other post states check linkage as there is a round nylon bush on the arm that selects both 1st and 2nd they have been known to come adrift an makes finding first almost impossible HTH

Fit new bush in gearbox selector

This sounds good but first try the small clamp under the gear stick (road side). This clamp joins the gear stick to the linkage that goes to the plastic ball and cup on top of the gearbox. A 6mm spanner and socket is all thats needed.
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