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I seem to have a problem with my recent purchase, a 2005 Trendline 1.9. The hazard lights seem to flash when the van has just been locked, for a few mins then stop. The also can flash when the van has been unlocked as well as driving around, and will eventually stop after a few mins.

There is no indication on the instrument display that the hazards have decided to come on.

I have an after-market alarm/immobiliser fitted, Laserline 270UK thatcham catagorey 2 to1 but dont know if it's working or If it has something to do with my hazards flashing problem......

I'm tempted to try and disconnect it but not too sure where to begin.

I have searched on here but couldn't find anything specific, the most similar symptoms I have found is this thread


but not had any joy,the symptoms are similar but I don't seem to have any issues with central locking. As far as I can tell that thread is dealing with broken/erratic central locking and hazards flashing when locked, not unlocked and engine running too....

I checked the wire under the seat, it looked a bit corroded but I'm sure there was still a good connection but I replaced it anyway, unfortunately there was no change.

I have plugged my mates Autel Maxiscan VAG405 to try and find any relevant fault codes. It will read codes on all areas of the van except central locking where it comes up as Link error..... Not sure if this has anything to do with my issues.

I wonder if I would have more luck reading these codes with the USB cable and laptop....

Any help would be appreciated as I'm beginning to lose the plot and think I should have stayed with my more simple T4......:bhd

Hope I haven't bought a dud...
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