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Today I have had cruise control fitted to my 2001 T4 Automatic by Hazzy Days.

I have been really impressed with their service. I had booked in for last Saturday, which I had not realised conflicted with another appointment I had for dental work, and I completely forgot about the installation. They phoned me last Sat to ask if I was coming in and that’s when I realised what I had done. They made no fuss about the missed appointment and happily booked me in for today.

So how did the installation go? Brilliantly, first of all, before I arrived they had already checked on the VW system if my van was able to take cruise control. They then went on to do their own check on the van as sometimes the VW system is not fully accurate.

They supplied the VW stalk and the VW wiring loom.

Installation & VACOM activation took about half an hour, plus a test drive where they checked the operation of the Cruise in every mode. They also checked that all the turn indicators lights etc. were still fully operational. They even did a general code read and checked everything was ok. A:

The guy who did the install really seems to know his stuff, and was happy to answer all of the stupid questions I had, most of which were not about cruise control.

I know that people say you can do the install yourself, but as I am a technical dunce, I wanted to have the work done by someone who knew what they were doing and had the right kit. The cherry on the cake is a 2 year warranty on the work and parts.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Hazzy Dayz for installing cruise control, whether that be for a T4, T5 or T5.1

Their website is http://www.hazzydayz.com/ and for the T5 they lots of other stuff, fog lights, sat nav, multi function steering wheels etc.
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