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This is a weird one.

I've a 2011 T5.1 and my Alpine ilx-700 headunit is going quiet on me when the weather gets warm :confused:

It's been fitted for over a year now and all is good. It has the can bus adapter fitted to enable parking signal/display etc

If the ambient temperature reaches about 20C then the speakers seem to be muted, no sound whatsoever.

Once the temp cools down, it bursts back into life.

I've checked the loom, replaced the unit with another identical one and even left the canbus adapter disconnected. All to no avail

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? My next step would be to put a regular head unit back in there and see if it persists.

The speakers are connected ok as the parking sensors always work, even when the unit has gone quiet on me.

It seems like it's muted as there's zero sound, no hiss or anything. Was fitted in November 2015 so it's worked perfectly for well over a year.

Totally baffled.

Any pointers gladly received!
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