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Hello all,

The heating in my van seems to be either on of off. For example if you turn the dial to full heat it gets really hot then if you turn the dial down by a mere fraction it instantly goes cold.

I have recently rebuilt my heater control as it was broken and the heat control cable moves the control arm on the air box from full cold to full heat.

The thing I am confused about is the arm on the air box seems to control an air flap rather than a coolant valve? There is no cable from the heater control into the engine bay.

What I did notice however was in the control unit there is some sort of rheostat that senses the position of the heater control knob. I had initially thought this was to control the rear heater, my question is does this also control an electronic valve in the engine bay as well, or is the hot/cold control simply by an air flap?

The van is a 1999 multivan 2.5dti 102 with aircon, rear heater and rear roof fans.

Thank you in advance
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