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hi i have a t4 2.4 aab 1997...problem is especially from cold/van left over night going forwards or reverse my passenger side wheel/dash shakes like crazy,dont notice this through pedal....few months back i had a new clutch with solid flywheel....thing is once ive done a few miles the vibration doesnt happen...could this still be the passenger side driveshaft? recently had 2 new wheel bearings/new clutch/new driveshaft driver side...if i pull off in 2nd when cold the vibration is huge on an uphill start...once ive done 10 plus miles or so i can retry this and the vibration is never as bad and sometimes 0 at all...
all gears always engage properly...
any advice be appreciated before i start buyin parts
can a driveshaft/grease etc cause this and be ok once warm
or has anyone had a similar problem engine mount ?..but 100% goes away most of time when ive been driving around all day..
have had someone look main engine mounts under bonnet and with handbrake on in 3rd etc and nothing seems move...just bugging the hell out of me why its worse when cold
ive heard of dmf clutches doing this but was under impressions a solid conversion shouldnt..
many thanksT:T:
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