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Hello to everyone,

I have just bought my first transporter i have wanted one for years and finally got one T:

If any of you guys could give me a few pointers on a few subtle changes i want to make it would be much appreciated, I think I know what i want but not sure where to get them or how good some of the bits are ( they look ok in pictures but in person they can look quite cheep :*) or if what i want to do will look pants!

My new chariot is 2010 T5.1 140ps SWB with barn doors in metallic black :D

Anyway here is the list and thanks in advance if any of you can help me at all:confused:

*20" black Stormer alloys
( dont know where to find my current wheel spec to find ones to fit - also will changing the wheel size affect the speedo - advice on tyre sizes )

*Chrome door handles all round

* A good quality rear bumper protector she will be used for work as well as play

*Chrome grills for the front end - both top and bottom

*Small spoiler for the back
( how easy are they to fit/ can you buy them ready painted in matching VW paint)

*Has any one put a plug in box to boost power, i have read good and bad reviews and dont want to hurt the pride and joy in any way or void the warranty!

Sorry for the long post i just cant wait to get it all done !

Thanks again i will get some photos up when the transformation has taken placeH:
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