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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and have joined up to ask some advice...

I've proudly owned my 1994 VW T4 2.4d for a couple of years. The van has had a full camper conversion by KC Motorhomes, a Reimo roof, recent respray and new factory fit windows, it has done 130000 miles.

She's a beauty...

Sadly, driving home the other day I had a significant water leak.

I pulled over, topped up... It poured out onto the drip tray... So I called the AA...

I got a tow home and took the van to my local VW garage for inspection, they diagnosed a head gasket problem, and quoted £1056 for the repair including cam belt kit and water pump.

Once the head was off, they noticed cracks all across the head between cylinders and some at 90 degrees to those, into part of the head that I can't remember the name of (but it is a series of approx 1" diameter circular parts to do with fuel/air mix inlet). They told me that cracks between the cylinders can be ok, and they often reassemble engines in that condition with no further trouble... But not these other cracks.

As such, they recommend a replacement head as well. Total quote now runs at £2100.

They say the bottom end of the engine is good.

This is a huge bill... So I had some thoughts and have shopped around for other quotes.

I can get a reconditioned 2.4d fitted for approx £1400 at an independent garage and a conversion to 2.5TDi, including gearbox and wiring loom for £3500.

What do you think I should do?

VW will give a good guarantee on their work, but I'll know little about the donor engines that are being talked of by other companies. How would engine changes/conversions affect the resale value of the van?

I'd appreciate any advice that you can offer, I need to make up my mind tomorrow I think!

I use the van as my primary vehicle, I don't need speed, but I like fuel efficiency, and I sometimes drive quite long distances.

Here is a link to some recent photos of the van.


Many thanks in advance.

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T:sorry to hear this sad demise off a bullet proof 2.4 .You can only go with your gut feelings and the size of your purse the main dealer you ve got peace of mind but will your independent not give a written warranty as for a 2.5 converstion sounds like a lot of work and time of the road good luck:*
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