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hello everyone.

i don't own a vw camper but i am going to be fabricating a few parts for T4 and T5 at moment and might even get into T2's and T25 and would like some help and tips.

i have everything sorted for T4 side bars and i am designing my own style of rock and roll beds which i will upload some photos once i fully finished desiging and started fabricating one.

but the thing i am having a problem with is the mounting brackets for the T5 as i wishing that the T4 mounts i have made was going to work but the underside of a T5 is totally different to the T4, but as i dont have a T5 to work off i am finding it hard to make mounts, so if anyone has or know where i can get any plans, drawing and measurement for T5 side bar brackets i will be very greatfull.

thanks in advanced.
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