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Hi, just purchased my first T4, been in the Dub scene a while, got a Golf VR6 and me and a friend of mine do Vag related engine conversions/upgrades.
My wife to be is a childminder and needed an upgrade from her diabolical Renault Espace :eek: Finally twisted her arm to get a VW
Its a late 51, V6 Auto in silver, full service history, VW to 2006 and independant garage to present, 122000 miles, with cruise control, climate control, parking sensors etc etc
Plans are to get privacy glass all round, some nice wheels and drop it 50mm but theres a couple of niggles need sortin first, had it on Vag com and theres a couple of intermittent faults on the coolant temp sensor and oxygen sensor so nothing too major BUT, the auto box seems to skip between 3rd and 4th a little, any ideas??
Cheers for reading ;)

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