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Hello to all VWT4 Forum Members from P.I. Auto Store.

We are really excited to become a sponsor of the VWT4 Forum. We provide premium quality automotive accessories to the USA and Europe. We started the business in 2013 from our love of automobiles and the outdoors.

Our portfolio is small but steadily growing. All of our products have been especially selected for our range and must pass our high standards of quality.

We would like to offer all VW4T forum members, a chance to be the first to purchase our new products and also at a discounted rate.

We will set up separate threads with links on how you can purchase with your special discounted rate. Please use the thread to discuss and ask questions about the product.

We look forward to engaging in various topics around the forum and hope we can make a positive contribution to a great forum.

Best Wishes

From P.I. Auto Store
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