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I’m a self employed gas engineer
I have owned my ex aa t4 for 12 years now with a mixture of work and leisure inc two family holidays to mid and southern France.
What stared out as a stock 62k 102hp van has slowly developed into 186hp but it’s now reading 180k during its time the van has had a recon cylinder head, a full gearbox refurb,two clutches on the solid flywheel conversion but the flywheel has now given up.
And I have now developed a leak on the water pump.
A few months back a friend of mine was wanting to sell his 225 Audi TT so I had a look after a test drive a deal was struck so I now have the whole car to do the conversion.
I intend to fit the 6 speed at the same time no point in going backwards by keeping the 5 speed.
I intend to start my project over the Christmas holidays.
No doubt I will be asking questions if I get stuck.

Wish me luck

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