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I decided to do the right thing and tell the Insurance company, Humorous Imaginative Characters that they are, that I'd fitted the A-bar, and sent them a photo with the e-mail.
They emailed back asking me to call them.
When I returned the call they indicated they also wished to charge me extra for other items, such as the side windows, because they obviously weren't original.
I pointed out that we came to them to insure the van as a camper because it had been professionally converted when we bought it and that they had a set of photos on file showing the conversion for the guaranteed valuation.
That was when they changed their minds and in the end there was only a very modest additional charge for the A-bar.

But why did there have to be an additional charge at all, really? Remember during the winter when the insurance companies copped a load of flak for charging extra or not honouring claims from people who had (sensibly) fitted winter wheels and tyres?

Blooming insurance companies!

And I work for one!
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