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Evening All,

A nervous first post!

Finally want to live the dream and start doing some travelling in my spare time, a few things lately suggest life is far too short

Plenty of trips down to Cornwall got me going on the Day/Surf bus idea, rather than a fully blown camper. But really want to start exploring Europe.

Have spent hours looking on line at tourneo's, vito's, imports etc... but finally set on a T4 Caravelle 2.4 or as close as possible

After scouring auto trader, Ebay, van trader, here, and the local shop small ads... hopefully going to view a "R" plate Caravelle 2.4 manual mobility vehicle, with air ride rear suspension (non GL model) currently on Ebay tomorrow, and in a rather cheeky first post question, was wondering if you guys could assist?

From the attached photo's, could a "rock n roll" type bed still be fitted bearing in mind the current set up of the floor??

Many Thanks in advance, one day hope to return the favour to someone!

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