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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the t4, I live in Austria and work in skiing and mtb and needed a van to move my gear easier. I bought a 1996 t4 syncro from a Local shop.

All seemed well at first, I knew about a bit of rust needed tidying up for the mot but was told everything else should be fine.

So I do an mot and it failed on

Brake pipes front torn
Brake lines rusty towards the back
Injector return pipe leaking
Tie rod left needs replacing
Steering boot torn
Upper ball joint right hand side needs replacing
Rear shock broken
Rusty wheel arches

I'm gutted- I've now got till December and a limited budget to repair myself

I have a question about rear shock absorbers, I've just bought a pair off a reputable seller on eBay, they arrived today and I compressed them to check them and they are so soft it's unreal, they have no rebound or anything! Would be great to know if this is normal?

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