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Any members in Scotland?
Just got my first T4, and it's a shed. It's a '99 SWB 2.5tdi 85bhp panel van, looks like it was owned by some kind of tradesman due to the shelving in the back.
The engine is completely lunched: the guy I bought it from said the timing belt went and he claims he's fitted a new head and cam but thinks the pistons are sticking to the liners. I reckon the whole thing is wrecked so rather than sink ten times what I paid for the van into diagnosing and repairing each and every piece of resultant damage, I want to swap the engine from my rotten golf into it.
Turns out my golf has the AHF 1.9 tdi 110bhp engine, and I'm told that's a real pain in the @$$ to fit.
If there's anyone out there with any constructive advise on how to proceed with this, it's be greatly appreciated.
(Apologies if this is in the wrong place.)
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