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just registered as im about to take the t4 plunge over the next 3weeks.
ive been a t25 and t25 syncro owner for a few years, but im starting to clock a lot of motorway miles and ive decided to get a t4.
so... im looking (ideally) to get a pop top camper or a multivan and fit a pop myself as it has to be a 4 birth ( and a kitchen bit)
probably import from germany as lhd doesnt bother me after having owned a few, i reckon i can get my budget to go further in germany ( tell me if im wrong!!)
spending the nights trawling the usual places online, anyone know elsewhere is should look as my mind is still on t25 mode?! anyone know addresses for german t4 forums? (purely for van classifieds )
any advice, pointers etc welcome.
thanks in advance :)
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