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So I have just bought myself a 1999 transporter swb. I've had it for about a month. I bought it with almost bald front tyres so I got them replaced. The rims were ty and now my tyres keep going down. I've decide that I should get new rims for the tyres but here's the catch.

My tyres are load rated at 83 holy way under required 100. The tyre place didn't pick up on it even after I went back cos they were leaking. So here's my dilemma.

It's lowered. By 40 I think. I need new wheels and tyres appropriately load rated and will fit since it's lowered. The tyres and rims now are 215/45/17.

Wouldn't mind going 15" or 16" I just need to know what tyre and rim combo would be load rated to 100 and fit with the lowering. . Cheers guys, it's been crappy finding the little faults in my van since I got it.
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