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Hi guys,

Huge help needed,
After being promised by a supposed conversion specialist that everything would be straightforward, we’ve been messed around left right and centre and have been left with an un-fitted rock n roll bed and two large, bodged holes right the way through the floor and the altro (almost in line with the subframe). These holes are even bigger than the actual screw so it wouldn’t bite even if I could get to the hole underneath.
Question is how do I fill these holes and protect against rust?
tbh they bodged the ply and it’s all lumpy by the step but I can deal with that it’s just the holes.

my van was converted into a Kombi previously sowhen I removed the brackets I used nuts/bolts and some silicone to fill the holes. Where the anti roll bar was they used a rubber grommet and black silicone, would this rust over time?

I’m in a right mess over this because I’m worried that the floor will rust overtime if it is not sealed properly let alone the holes in my altro.

on the image, the red wire is where the hole has been drilled through.
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